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We are making high-end network technology easily available.

Circularity Marketplace is the largest one-stop shop online for remanufactured technology.

We are owned by Circularity First – a market leading technology group within remanufactured technology. The companies under Circularity First has in it’s 15 years heritage grown to be the largest partner for Cisco in promoting and selling their remanufactured products under Cisco Refresh on the global stage. With facilities in the US, the UK and in EMEA we are always nearby.

Besides Cisco, you will find a wide portfolio of products from other vendors alongside accessories and licensing for your hardware.


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“Now I can buy all my network equipment when it suits me”

~ Jim Thompson


With technology being the fastest growing waste stream, research shows us, that between 15 – 40 % of a company’s total carbon emissions comes from it’s technology. And with our rising demand for communicating with each other this is only growing.

At Circularity First we are devoted to making a difference. Therefor, we have carried out research projects showing us the actual carbon within networking technology. In doing so, we can not only quantify the carbon emissions from an network infrastructure – we can also show the difference in carbon emissions from your future installments. Which by the are quite significant hence 80% of the embodied carbon in a piece of hardware origins from the manufacturing of the product.
With any product purchased from us, you can choose to get a full carbon report. Anchored in research you are taking a giant step for our planet with the ability to quantify and demonstrate, that your business cares.

We are proud in promoting remanufactured products – which is a product remanufactured by it’s original manufacturer. You will get as new technology, often the latest and greatest technology with significant savings.